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Since the start of Wire Rope Specialists we have been supplying general rigging and lifting equipment to the Offshore, Power, Refining, Manufacturing, General and Heavy Construction markets not only across the Gulf Coast but country wide. We have adapted over the years to meet the changing needs of these markets.

We offer a wide variety of rigging products. We have a large stock of domestic and import wire rope including bright and galvanized wire. Our largest press is a National 1500 ton press which is capable of pressing wire rope slings up to 3 ½” diameter. Other fabricated products include nylon web slings, polyester round slings, and alloy chain slings. We also are a licensed manufacturer of Slingmax Rigging Products which include Twinpath Slings®, and braided wire rope slings. Some of the major lines we represent are Crosby, Van Beest, and Magna Hoist. We also stock and fabricate special ROV gear including ROV Hooks and Shackles. The test bed is 650,000 lbs capacity and with the introduction of the N4 Field ID system certificates are now available via the web 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Wire Rope Specialists is also a sister company to Marine and Industrial Supply located in the Port of Mobile, AL.

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Rigging Hardware & Fittings
- Crosby®
- VanBeest®
- Magna®
- Renfroe®
- Gunnebo-Johnson®
- McKissick®
- Actek®
Fabricated Assemblies & Wire Ropes
- Slingmax®
- WireCo™ WorldGroup
Specialty Lifting Products
- Miller®
- Letellier®
- Thern®
- The Caldwell Group®
Synthetic Round & Nylon Slings
Soft Ropes
Chain Hardware
Paints & Coatings
- International Paint®
Additional Products
- Coffing Hoists®
- Elk River, Inc.®
- Cortland® Puget Sound Rope
General Supplies
- Stearns®
- Spilltech®
- Empco-Lite®
- Wilson-Walton®
- Zep®
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Proof Testing & Inspection
- N4 Systems



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